Myxoid Degeneration Mitral Valve (H&E)

This digitized slide shows a mitral valve. The valve was removed from the heart at surgery. The left ragged border is the incision site at the base of the valve. The right end of the leaflet is smooth and represents the free border of the leaflet. Note the abundant valvular interstitial cells present throughout the valve leaflet. The spongiosa layer is very pale in the H&E stain and shows abundant mucopolysaccharide/proteoglycan material accumulating the spongiosa layer of the leaflet. The mucopolysaccharides are stained Green in the Movat stain of the same section. In addition, the Movat stain shows that the mucopolysaccharides also infiltrate the chordae tendineae. This infiltration weakens the dense fibrous tissue of the chordae, which allows for elongation over time. Furthermore, this weakening of the chordae can result in eventual rupture of one or more chordae.

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